1. Olympic
  2. Official ITTF Channel
  3. ATPWorldTour
  4. WTA
  5. scooby1961
  6. PingSkills
  8. OmarIsuf
  9. Strength Camp
  10. ScottHermanFitness
  11. ATHLEAN-X™
  12. blogilates
  14. Dorian Howell

IF you feel that we miss an good fitness/sport creators please tell us who our facebook page 

We try to be unbiased but, we’re not always unbiased ie. we do have PAID people in our list too.

Each categories has 40% PAID & 60% FREE plus 30% active, 30% new, 40% old.

We’ll update how we make our top lists as we go long.

Also our lists are our opinion not base on any facts.

This is our top list of fitness/Sports channels & creators on youtube & facebook