Squats Challenge Week 3

Squat Challenge Week 3

Squats Challenge Week 3.

My goal is to get to my max squat lift with 4 weeks this is week 3 click here to learn more about my last week.

This week I felt slightly tired & slightly hungry but, on an positive note I took an caffeine pill so I had alot of energy!

I also recorded me doing my Squats Challenge the video will be up by Monday.

I did an warm up set with just the barbell like usual.

Before I tell you how I did this week, I had plan this week to do 5 sets of 20 reps each set but, because my main goal is to squat 200 pounds I did not think or feel that doing 20 reps each set would help me achieve my goal quicker so I decided on doing another 10 sets of 5 reps each set like last week.

Now to the workout.

Set 1. 95 pounds of 5 reps
Set 2. 115 pounds of 5 reps
Set 3. 135 pounds of 5 reps
Set 4. 145 pounds of 5 reps
Set 5. 155 pounds of 5 reps
Set 6. 165 pounds of 5 reps
Set 7. 175 pounds of 5  reps
Set 8. 185 pounds of 5 reps
Set 9. 200 pounds of 5 reps
Set 10. 200 pounds of 5 reps

I’ll do week 4 even though I achieved my goal already before I announce my next challenge.

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