Squats Challenge Week 2

Squats fitness

I’m happy with my results this week because of how weak I was last week.

Warm up set with just the barlbell of 10 reps

1 set with 95lb I did 5 reps

2 set with 105lb I did 5 reps

3 set with 110lb I did 5 reps

4 set with 120lb I did 5 reps

5 set with 130lb  I did 5 reps & at this point I started to use my back belt because I didn’t felt that confidence in my back to do more weight.

6 set with 140lb I still with the back belt on & I did 5 reps

7 set with 155lb back belt on & I did 5 reps

8 set with 155lb at this point I felt confidence that my legs & back would do it without the back belt on, I did 5 reps

9 set with 165lb no back belt on & I did 5 reps!

10 set with 175lb I put on the back belt & I did 5 reps

This just shows how quick muscle memory works first week I could only do 115lb max & this week I felt so good that I just kept going up in weights.


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