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I'm a Wizard

quest boardsI have been playing Ragnarok Online for 25 days in a row now & for about 2-3 hours a day.

More new stuff I found another quest board that mean in theory I should level faster as the Merchant Ragnarok Online Review Quest Boardcharacter but I think running back and forth is exactly slowing down my leveling of my Merchant

My third character Merchant lvl 37 it’s already into 12 hours of playing & it’s hard to Mage Ragnarok Onlinelevel because I need to level STR, AGI, VIT, DEX

The Blacksmith Test review coming sooner

My second character Wizard lvl 76 It took me 12 hours to get to Mage Ragnarok Onlinelevel 50 job to become a Wizard because I focus on leveling only the 2 best stat for any Mage character which is INT & DEX that made me able to kill high level monsters sooner than my Acolyte character or Merchant could mean I could get more EXP I'm a Wizardbut, I still got to Monk quicker somehow

The Wizard Test Review it took me 90 minutes to pass the Wizard test because I die like 3 times to the fire monsters after dying for the third time I was tired of losing so search for a video on it because I though I was missing something & I was missing a level 10 Frost Diver my Frost Diver skill was only level 8 with an 59% chance of freezing them I needed to do the test more times because I had an almost 50/50 chance of killing the fire monsters. here’s the video I watched.

Ragnarok Online ReviewMy first character Monk lvl 67 it took me 9 hours to get to level 50 job to become an Monk because I focus on leveling my stats STR, AGI, DEX & the first skill I got was agi up skill & than the bless skill. I focus on agi up skill to move quicker.

The Monk Test Review I did the running test that took me like 30 minutes it was really boring so I had some music playing so I wouldn’t run into a hole & the mazes test took me 15 minutes to get the invisibility walls thing

My 2 Ragnarok Online Review blog posts are on my Journey to become an Monk http://coolermassmedia.com/ragnarok-online-review/

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