My Fast Food Lunch Recipes

My lunch recipes are exactly really rare because I mostly of the time I eat my lunch from a fast food restaurant.

I’m going to share what I have been eating for the last 3 months & by making this article what changes I am doing.


My Fast Food Restaurant Meals


Double Hamburger with extra onions 437 cals, McChicken add onions 380 cals, Large Sweet Tea 500 cals and/or small frappe, small smooth 400 cals, ice cream cone 146 cals.

That total up to 1863 cals



Side Caesar salad 250 cals, Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe 330 cals or Crispy Chicken Sandwich 350 cals, Baconator 490 cals, half & half of the time small Frosty 393 cals

That total up to 1813 cals


Burger King

2x whopper jr 350 cals , side salad 250 cals, ice cream cone 160 cals

That total up to 1110 cals

Wow that why I’m over weight lol I also sometimes go to tacebell but not often enough to put it in this list.


My Healthier Fast Food Restaurant Meals


2x Double Hamburger with only onions 437 cals

That total up to 874 cutting close to 1000 cals!

My plan is to have no ice cream or drinks but I’m going to drink only water



Side Caesar salad 250 cals, Half Plain Baked Potato 135cals, Half Wendy’s chili large 135cals

That total up to 520 or 690cals if I eat the full servicing of baked potato & chili cutting over 1000cals!


Burger King

whopper jr 350 cals , side salad 250 cals,

That total up to 600 cals cutting 500 cals


Please give me feedback & if you have any breakfast recipes please share them.

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At the time of publishing this article we did not get paid or sponsored by the fast food restaurant it’s just the fast food restaurant that are in our area.

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