How I Did My Max Lift Within 4 Weeks

What I learned from achieving my 4 Weeks Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press Challenge. My challenge was to lift max weight in the Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press within 4 weeks.

I was stocked by how quick my body responded to my training from week 1 where I was only able to squat 115 pounds, bench press 125 pounds, deadlift 135 pounds & in 4 weeks I now can squat over 200 pounds, deadlift 200 pounds, bench press 155 pounds.

1-4wk-fitness-challengeI learned to focus on one of my goals because it’s easier to achieved the main goal if I train right to achieve it & Don’t do alot of goals at the same time

for example my main goal was to lift my max & it’s better to do only 5 reps or less to achieve that goal.

My sub-goal was to become stronger each week & to challenge myself on each set not just on the last week to see if I can lift max weight & that why I achieved my goals one week early.

My next sub-goal to stay healthy well I was doing this challenge because I was worried about my right elbow when I was doing the bench press & I’m so happy that all the way thru this challenge my right elbow is doing good. I was also worried about lower back & forehands when doing the deadlift but, again no injury happy face. Last was the squat witch I was big time worried because of the first week how bad I did in squatting only 115 pounds & felt pain in my lower back but I’m still healthy.

In review

How I did it was

  1. Make the goal
  2. Make the plan out of the goal
  3. Focus on achieved only the goal
  4. Change the plan if needed
  5. Make sub-goals

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