Exercises 101 Overview

Exercising should be fun & improve your over all health & well-being. I’m going to give a overview of what I believe are the basic steps of exercise.

All the Steps


do anything that you can get you sweating & breathing fast for 10 to 40 minutes or until you’re tired.


Stretching help with Increased flexibility and range of motion. Injury prevention.

The benefit I like most about stretching is that it make me feel a lot better & lighter on my feet!

Lifting Weights

I’m not talking about powerlifting where you lift the heavy weights you can or bodybuilding where you’re focus on how you going to look. I’m talking about improving how you feel inside & outside. I’m talking about learning how to lift the weights without getting injuries.


Sports help make exercise fun but sports won’t help you like lifting weights you need both.

Find a sport you can do & master it. There are sports for any age & skill level you just have to look for it.

Exercise Classes

Doing the same thing over and over again can get boring so take some exercise classes so you can learn something new. I like Tai Chi, Yoga & Boxing because I get to learn some thing new every time.


This is how you live & what you eat/drink is what you doing helping you stay healthy?


Exercise is a life long goal not a 12 weeks program that you quit after you get to the 12 week. it’s exercising for life so you must make exercising a daily habit!


For the first month your body is going to be in alot of pain for the first month after that you should feel normal.

Tools for Recovery

  1. Good night sleep
  2. Ice packs.
  3. Heat packs.
  4. Good massage.
  5. Hottub.
  6. Pool.
  7. Drinking water.
  8. Eating more vegetables.

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