Deadlift Challenge Week 1

I feel that I’ll achieve my goal with my deadlifts before the end date!

DAY 3 Deadlifts Dorian Howell 4 Weeks

I started my deadlift workout feeling cold & stiff also I was recording my workout so I had to focus on that as well.

I did 2 warm up sets with just the 45lb bar. After the first warm up set I know my back needed another warm up set

  1. 95lb 5 reps I still felt a little cold & stiff my back
  2. 105lb 5 reps
  3. 115lb 5 reps I finally felt that my back as warm up!
  4. 125lb 5 reps I felt my grip being weak.
  5. 135lb 5 reps because of my grip being weak I did the hook grip for my last set.

Stretches for Deadlifts
Because deadlifts work the lower back that why I stretched my lower back & my upper back lats, like in the video I felt my neck getting tied so I did neck stretches & forehand stretches for my grip.

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Cardio was fun

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