Bench Press Challenge Week 1


Even though I had on an long sleeve shirts I was stiff & cold in my arms & shoulder muscles so I was thinking of doing 2 warm up sets like my Deadlift workout but, instead I chose to do 10 reps for my first real set after the warm up set so this is how it went.

Warm up set just 45 pound bar

1 set 85lb 10 reps

2 set 105lb 5 reps

3 set 125lb 5 reps

4 set 125lb 5 reps

5 set 125lb 5 reps

I was hoping to stop at 135lb but I felt that my arm wasn’t ready for it that is why I did 3 sets of 125lb.

it’s funny how my first week of my challenge has gone because in the past my strongest exercise was the deadlift because I didn’t have to worrying about dropping the weight on myself & my second strongest exercise was the squat.

Now it’s deadlifts in first that didn’t change but for second it’s the bench press over squats wow.


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