Bench Press Challenge Week 2

Bench Press Challenge Week 2

chest-press-blogFirst I want to say that when I did this Bench Press Challenge Week 2 I don’t eat anything for 4 hours & I was hungry, you maybe thinking why not just eat something but, for me, if I eat anything I would need 2 more hours to digest it plus it was already late in the day.

My goal is to bench press 155lb by week 4 & week 1 my max was 125lb clcik here if you’re new to my Dorian Howell 4 Weeks Challenge so 30 more pounds to go.

Now Bench Press Challenge Week 2

10 sets of 5 reps is alot to do on any day but even more so on an empty stomach.

My goal for this week was obviously to lift more weights but, also to do so without my right elbow getting into alot of pain because I play alot of sports like Racquetball, Tennis, Table Tennis/Ping Pong that I used mostly my right arm meaning that I’m overtraining my right arm most of the time.

From last week I found that slowly going up in weight help my body feel better than usual so I did alot less weight starting out & I have always do a warm up set first but right after it I usually go right into alot of weight but, today I wanted to see if I can do the workout without having alot of pain in my elbow so here how I did & you can go see how I did on the first week

Warm up set with just the 45 pounds barbell

Set 1. 65 pounds x 5 reps. Throughout my workout I was thinking “That was easy”

Set 2. 95 pounds x 5 reps. That was easier

Set 3. 110 pounds x 5 reps.

Set 4. 125 pounds x 5 reps. which was my max from the first week  & it felt really good

At this point I was feeling strong but, my stomach growling at me so I want to focus on the lifts & drinking more water to keep me feeling full even though I needed to eat something bad at this point.

I started to only add 5 more pounds

Set 5. 130 pounds x 5 reps

Set 6. 135 pounds x 5 reps

I felt that I needed to slow down so I did another set of 135 pounds.

Set 7. 135 pounds x 5 reps

Set 8. 140 pounds x 5 reps

Again I felt done & my right elbow was starting to hurt but I wanted to get my last 2 sets.

Writing this I’m happy that my right elbow only now started to hurt because most of the time my right elbow usually hurt in the middle of my workouts not close to the end like today.

Set 9. 140 pounds x 5 reps I did same weight as last set because I didn’t have that much self-confidence in my ability to going up in more weight yet but, by doing 140 pounds again I felt that I could do more sets & more weight so last set.

Set 10. 145 pounds x 5 reps This set got me to believe in myself even more & half way thru this set I felt that I couldn’t do the last 3 reps but, it was my self-talk saying keep going & you can do it that made me get it done.

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